We know that you are spoiled for choice when it comes to buying pretty much anything these days and CBD is no different. So why buy from us? Rather than make over the top claims or promises that seem unreasonable, we wish to take the time to build your trust. If you have questions, we will answer them as openly as you like. By utilizing small batch, local production we can offer full traceability from seed to shelf. We work closely with local farmers to produce single estate and typically single strain products.

We also provide you with all our lab results.




We have made the choice to follow the practices of solventless extraction. Through this method we can often sacrifice the yield we get from each plant but it serves to maximize the potential benefits provided while having the least impact on the environment and your body. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We are especially proud of our emerging farm which utilizes land regeneration techniques. Exciting experimentation happens each year that excludes many typical modern agricultural practices like spraying synthetic sprays and tilling the land. We add nutrients through cover crops and appropriate perennial plantings. More rich fertilizer comes from the poultry on the farm that also provides much of our pest control, but not excluding the habitat for wild birds and all manner of beneficial insects that help bring balance to the land. And the addition of bio remedial treatments coupled with minimal disturbance aids the most important part on any farm… the soil. 

Each year, and for the next few, we will loose some of our crop to common diseases that afflict many farms. But each year we will also honor the inhabitants of the farm, from microorganisms to murderous hawks that seek to decimate our chicken population. But no synthetic chemicals touch the land and as each new season takes hold a better balance to the inhabitants occurs and the diseases and losses will diminish. Healthy soil equals healthy plants and coupled with constant experimentation with different cannabis strains we will find the best for our environment. Is our practice certified organic? No… it’s beyond organic.




This stuff really works!  And it works because we seek to provide the highest deliverable dose in each product. Each bottle of CBD oil we offer contains 3.5 grams of CBD, where industry averages typically sit between 1.1 -1.5 grams. What’s so special about that? Well it’s all about igniting the entourage effect  which is where all the benefits come in to play. All of our CBD products are also full spectrum, which means none of the beneficial compounds have been lost in the manufacturing process. Isolates, as the name suggests, isolate the CBD (or anything you may wish to isolate) and are then combined with other ingredients to make the final product. In this sense you can create a product high in CBD content, but one that is isolated from the other components and the potential benefits of the whole plant. We stand by offering you a product that has had minimal tampering and includes all the benefits contained within the plant, maximizing the entourage effect. 


Rather than provide an extremely low dose product we recommend taking a smaller dose and increasing as you feel comfortable. We believe that the product needs to work and standards need to be met, so choose to offer nothing less than a product that can.